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Science Club Topics and Dates


Mechanical Engineering: Hovercrafts & Boats

- September 19-21

- September 26-28

- October 3-5

Students will design hovercrafts and boats in this air-powered session!  Basic engineering skills and knowledge of physics will be needed and taught to maneuver the boats and hovercrafts through a course to complete their objective.


Biology and Plant Growth: Tropisms at Work

- October 10-12

- October 17-18 (No Thursday class due to conferences)

- October 24-26

Students will be experimenting and observing plant growth in response to external stimuli such as light, water, and gravity.  A tropism is essentially the movement of an organism in response to an external stimulus.


Physics: Functional Catapults

- October 31-November 2

- November 7-9

- November 14-16

See your kids participate in a medieval battle of sorts as they design and build their own catapults using the power of science!


November 21-23 - NO CLASS: Thanksgiving week


Chemical Reactions: Invisible Ink & Endo/Exothermic

- November 28-30

Are your children obsessed with Harry Potter?  Then this one is for them!  We will be making our own "Marauders Map" or "Tom Riddle's Diary."  How is this done?  Invisible ink, of course!  But how?  Science will reveal all in time.


Discrepant Events

- December 5-7

Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of MIND BLOWING science demonstrations called Discrepant Events.  These are events that we would not normally expect to happen?  . . . a fun-filled day to finish off this year's Science Club!